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  • TREE HOUSE IN A STORM: (Children's Fiction Book, Stemmer House Publishers, 2009)
  • Blind Ambition (nonfiction, Highlights Magazine, Jan. 2009). AWARDED "AUTHOR OF THE MONTH" by Highlights for this story.
  • Blind Ambition (nonfiction, Educational Testing Service. Originally published in Highlights magazine)
  • The Holiday House (fiction, Highlights Magazine-TBA)
  • The Victory Coop (fiction, Highlights Magazine-TBA)
  • The Ski's No Limit (nonfiction, Scholastic Scope, Jan. 2008)
  • Mismatched Socks (poem, Pockets Magazine, Jan/Feb 2008)
  • Why Does Skin Get Wrinkly in Water? (nonfiction, "Ask Science World." Scholastic Science World, May 2011)
  • The Come Back (fiction, Catholic Forester Mag., Spring 2008)
  • From the Inside Out (Nonfiction science/nature, Birds and Blooms Mag., Sept. 2006)
  • To Catch a Fairy (poem, Dragonfly Spirit e-zine, Sept. 2005)
  • Michael's Dance (poem, Itty-Bits of Bliss poetry anthology, 2006)
  • Not So Little (poem, InspiredMoms e-zine) 2006
  • The Write Stuff (Writer and editor of monthly column: Kidsville News/Middlesex)

Tree House in a Storm, by Rachelle Burk (Stemmer House Publishers, 2009)